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Best Types of Cars for Seniors | Residential Care near Fullerton CA

“Age is an issue of Mind over Matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.”

-Mark Twain

Gone are the days when older people would just purchase the latest Buick model and drive it into the ground. Nowadays with seniors living lives with attachment to their youth, many are looking for hip and fun styles cars. This is the reason why on the AARP website their is mention of a Hyundai car salesman saying that “I sell the heck out of the Kia Souls, and our average buyer for those is 55 years old.” There is a growing amount of seniors that are also purchasing these newer more fuel efficient cars out of financial necessity as well as wanting to go green.

This the commercial to one of the Kia Soul which many senior citizens purchasing according to the AARP website:

This leads me to believe that with the wide-variety of interests that seniors are pursuing nowadays there cannot be a Best Type of Care for Seniors. The most important variables are the interests of the seniors themselves and what vehicle will allow them to live the life that they are wanting to pursue.