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Dementia Treatment and Care | Assisted Living Yorba Linda CA

Assisted Living Yorba Linda CA

There are different levels that one of dementia that one could be diagnosed with. With progressive dementias, there are no cures or treatments to improve the condition. But, there are medications and treatments that can improve to symptoms, to your loved ones quality of life.

Your loved ones doctor may prescribe similar medications to that of Alzheimer’s treatment, but these drugs will be used to treat the symptoms of dementia and not cure dementia. There may also be non-drug therapies used for the treatment of the Dementia symptoms.



(Alzheimer’s Association)

Non-drug approaches to managing behavior symptoms promote physical and emotional comfort.

Many of these strategies aim to identify and address needs that the person with Alzheimer’s may have difficulty expressing as the disease progresses. Non-drug approaches should always be tried first.

Steps to developing successful non-drug treatments include:

  • Recognizing that the person is not just “acting mean or ornery,” but is having further symptoms of the disease
  • Identifying the cause and how the symptom may relate to the experience of the person with Alzheimer’s
  • Changing the environment to resolve challenges and obstacles to comfort, security and ease of mind

Besides these methods, it is suggested that there needs to be many more studies and testing to develop more effective treatments for Dementia. If you or a loved one are in need of residential care us a call, Assisted Living Yorba Linda CA.