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Dementia Vs. Normal Aging | Residential Care Facility Orange County CA

Residential Care Orange County CA
Knowing the signs of Dementia can be a very important factor in getting a loved one diagnosed early and started on medications that can ease the symptoms of Dementia. There are many signs that one should watch for, some of these signs include the person beginning to act unlike themselves in a sort of behavioral problem.

According to the University of California San Francisco some things to watch for include: “An impairment in social functioning and independent living for a diagnosis of dementia to be given. Independent living describes the ability to shop alone, help manage finances, perform basic household duties and monitor appropriate social behaviors. Often it is difficult to determine exactly when a person should be concerned with cognitive changes they may be experiencing. Symptoms vary from person to person, sick what is normal for someone, may not be normal for someone else. This contributes to the challenges clinicians may face when determining whether or not cognitive decline is due to a physiological or psychological (excessive worry, depression, anxiety, etc.) condition.”


Please be aware of the symptoms and if you need are in Orange County give us a call. Residential Care Facility Orange County CA.